Knitting instruction Icelandicfan horse blanket


Knitting instruction Icelandicfan horse blanket



Álafoss, 6 er circular needles, ❗️The blanket is knitted in two parts and sewn together at the end. There is the neck part (yoke) and the back part. The back piece can either be knitted back and force, or according to Jennifer Konopka on a circular needle. That is then cut open afterwards.

Gauge sample:
10 x 10 cm = 13 stitches x 18 rows

Sizes :
One size

Level of difficulty: ⭐️⭐️-⭐️⭐️⭐️ (out of 3 stars) The patterns are not complicated, sometimes it is three-colored. And otherwise it’s just a lot.

The basic color is gray 0056, or brown / beige 0085, 14 balls

Other colors each one ball
Sheep: 0059 0051 black and white
Grass: 1231, 9983 dark green and apple
Flowers: 0163 purple or white (we already have them with the sheep)
Horse: 0053 brown and black (we already have it with the sheep)
Cloud: 0010 mottled blue
Volcano: 0005 anthracite
Fire: 9964, 9971, 0047, 1242 yellow, orange, red, wine red
Flag: 1233 blue (we already got red and white from the sheep / fire)
Black sheep: in anthracite like the volcano

Of course, horses also come in other colors. Monochrome is also possible. With light-colored horses, however, you have to pay attention to the contrast. Possibly a completely different basic color.

❗️To save money you can also knit the colors that you only need a little, flowers and fire, e.g. with Léttlopi. You then take the thread twice.