About Me

I’m Shiona Rizza and I was born in Northern Germany. As a knitwear designer, I currently live in Baden-Württemberg. As a knitwear designer, I currently live in Baden-Württemberg.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to knit a sweater or something smaller yourself. My instructions are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users because knitting is basically possible anytime and anywhere.

The ecology and alternative movement of the 1970s made Icelandic sweaters popular, knitting was very popular in Germany and is again today.

At the age of 12 I got my first Icelandic horse and at that time an Icelandic sweater was a must. Then as now, an Icelandic sweater is the best outdoor riding clothing Although the wool is scratchy and rough, an Icelandic sweater convinces with its robustness, it warms and is water-repellent.

For most people, knitting is a hobby, a balance to everyday life. For me it’s a bit more, I see the wool and the colors and the structure of the wool and a new design for a sweater is created in my head. Then you knit, rib, calculate and knit again, and a step-by-step guide develops from this.

My first knitting pattern was the “fan sweater”. The demand for it was so great that many other Icelandic sweaters with horse motifs were created.

In 2020 I wrote my first book, it is now a “must have” for all Icelandic sweater knitters. The book is suitable for beginners and advanced, with 22 patterns for men and women, for Lettlopi and Álafoss. Especially the “Shepherd” pattern is popular in many Scandinavian countries.

My favorite designs are round yoke sweaters inspired by traditional Icelandic sweaters, however in many cases the shape of my sweaters deviates from the classic Icelandic sweater. A very typical “by Shiona style” has emerged.

In the meantime, I not only knit with Icelandic wool, but also like to use German new wool. In 2021 I designed the CaShi wool together with Carina Reso from “Die Kleine Spinnerei”. From this, many small knitting projects emerged and continue to emerge.

In 2022, I came into contact with Maehrle wool and for this I developed the design for the Insa sweater made from the island sheep.

I had the opinion the sweater so unusual that I registered it for the German Design Award. The jury gave me the “special mention 2023” award in the “Lifestyle and Fashion” category, which I’m very proud of.

I also pay special attention to the quality of the wool, pure new wool from “happy” sheep that is produced as regionally as possible. One should not shy away from “rough” wool, the softer the wool, the more sensitive it is. Rough wool does not wear out or become matted, is less sensitive and suitable for outdoor use.

I am very happy that my knitting instructions inspire others to knit their own sweaters. Even if the first sweater isn’t always perfect, it’s important that it’s finished, because most of the time it doesn’t just stay one.

It is very important to me to answer your questions and I am always happy to receive photos of your works! Nothing is more beautiful than the joy of a sweater you have knitted yourself. Please share with me.

No matter what questions you have, feel free to contact me. The support of my online shop is also particularly important to me. If you have any problems, please contact me.

When I’m not knitting, I ride my beloved Icelandic horses. They will always be my great passion and inspiration.