Knitting instruction Icelandicfan baby


Knitting instruction Icelandicfan baby



Álafoss, 6 er circular needles, bottom up

Gauge sample:
10 x 10 cm = 13 stitches x 18 rows

It’s getting really difficult now. ?
There are two sizes. The smallest fits something from 3-6 months, then (7-9 months). The pants are one size.
❗️ Measure arm, leg and body length individually

Level of difficulty: ⭐️⭐️ (from 3 Stars) The pattern isn’t difficult, but it’s a lot. A lot of the chart is with 3 colors. You need the overstitch.

The basic color is gray 0056, or brown / beige 0085, or “almost” white 0054 as in the picture above, you need 2 balls of basic color.
Other colors each one ball
Sheep, horses: 0059 black and brown 0867 for the sheep
Grass: 1231, 9983 dark green and apple
Flowers: 0163 purple or white (we already have them with the sheep)
Cloud: 1232 turquoise, or for gray / beige basic color 0010 mottled blue
Vulkan: 0058 gray or 0005 anthracite for the brown base color, in the picture above it is 0005
Fire: 9964, 9971, 0047, yellow, orange, red,
Flag: 1233 blue; 0051 white (we already have red in the fire)