Knitting instruction Winter in Iceland


Knitting instruction Winter in Iceland



Léttlopi, 4 er circular needles, bottom up

Knitting Sample:
10 x 10 cm = 18 stitches x 20 rows

It would be best if you’d measure your size on a good fitting beloved sweater. If you’re not quite sure about the size I would recommend knitting the smaller size because wool is stretchable.
XS: 40 cm S: 43 cm M: 49 cm L: 55 cm chest width
Then measure the length from your armpit to your hip and the length from your armpit to your wrist individually. Keep in mind, that wool is stretchable.

Difficulty level: ⭐️⭐️ (out of 3 stars) It is only difficult because it is knitted with many colors, often in three colors. In the end you have to sew a lot of threads

Sheep and whale: 0059 2x, 0051 2x; Gras: 9423, 1406 2x Petrol and apple, Beach(ground color): 0005 4(5)x anthrazit; Water 1700 3x, 1701 1x, Yoke: gray 0056 2x and 0058 1x, Stars 1703
Santa Claus: Horse: 0867 Brown ; Santa Claus : 9434 red, Face 0053, white Álafoss for the cap (or Lettlopi, it goes too) 0051;
Rider: Horse 9427, Face 1418