Knitting instruction Northern lights


Knitting instruction Northern lights



Léttlopi, (The Northern Lights are Einband) 4 round needles, the sweater is knitted from bottom to top

Knitting sample:
10 x 10 cm = 18 stitches x 20 rows

S: 45.5 cm, (M) 50 cm, L: 55 cm, (XL) 60 cm, chest width
(When the gauge gets there)
Measure arm and stomach length individually

Difficulty level: ⭐️⭐️ (out of 3 stars) The pattern is not complicated, but it is a lot of pattern. Sometimes it is three-colored and the Lundis even with four colors, whereby you can also make orange with the kitchener stitch at the end.

Basic color in gray 0056 you need 8/9 balls
Other colors each one ball
Sheep: 0059 0051 black and white
Lundi: 1410 orange (we already have black and white)
Grass and Houses: 9423 1406 petrol and apple brown 0867
Rocks and water: 0005 (for M / L 2 x) 1404, anthracite and turquoise
Horse: 0867 brown and black (we already have it with the sheep)
Flag: 1403 blue, 9434 red (we already have white)

Northern Lights: Einband 9028, 1764 yellow and green

Horses also go in other colors:
Fox-Horse: 9427 reddish brown and then white mane
Gray: White with a gray mane