Knitting Instruction Alma mährle Wood Albschaf


Strickanleitung Alma mährle Wolle Albschaf



mährle Albschaf, 4 er circular needles, bottom up

10 x 10 cm = 18 stitches x 24 rows

It is best to measure against a well-fitting favorite sweater. The sizes are given in chest width. Sleeve length and body length is measured individually.
Chest width:
XS: 41 cm (S): 44 cm M: 49 cm (L): 55 cm XL: 58 cm

Width below:
XS 51 cm (S): 56 cm M:61 cm (L): 67 cm XL: 72 cm

XS: 41 cm (S): 44 cm M: 47 cm (L): 52 cm XL: 55 cm

Level of difficulty: ⭐️⭐️ (of 3 stars) The body part is very wide at the bottom, so there are many stitches. Cuff pattern and collar is very simple, it´s just purl and knit stitches. The yoke is completely three-colored but you could also just knit the cuckoo pattern or just the fire moth pattern.

mährle wool Albschaf
Basic color: wool white 700-750g
Sample colors: cuckoo 50g, fire moth 100g